IPQualityScore Review

IPQualityScore is an enterprise level fraud detection and risk analysis platform designed to help businesses identify high-risk users, fraudulent transactions, and bots. It is based on years of research and analysis and is used by e-commerce, banking, and finance companies.

Real Time Fraud Scoring and Detection

IPQS automatically detects fraudulent clicks by scanning traffic from proxies, VPNs, and Tor connections in real-time. It blocks users who are likely to commit fraud and blacklists them so that they cannot access your website in the future.

Proxies & VPNs

IPQS’s Proxy & VPN Detection API instantly determines how risky a user, click, or transaction is based on the proxy/VPN IP address and optional device information. This service analyzes hundreds of data points including Geo location data, ISP, Connection type, Device details, Recent reputation activity, Overall fraud score, Status as a proxy, VPN, or TOR connection, Abuse Velocity, and more.

Premium Account Features

A value of “high” or “medium” indicates that the IP address is a known bot that engages in automated fraudulent behavior across the IPQS threat network, while a value of “low” or “none” suggests that the IP address is not actively engaged in abuse and may be safe to use.

Proxy & VPN Reputation

IPQS’s extensive Proxy & VPN Reputation service performs real-time reputation checks on every IP address. The reputation is based on a combination of over 20 relevant data points such as the IP address’s connection type, device details, a list of all other connected devices, Geo location, and ISP. It also includes a list of all other similar IP addresses that have a history of abusive behavior, and provides a overall fraud score.

Phone Number Reputation

IPQS has a global network of phone verification and validation sources that can accurately verify virtual, disposable, and temporary phone numbers worldwide. The service also detects inactive and disconnected numbers and is able to provide a risk analysis to assess the phone number’s online reputation.

Contact a member of the IPQS team for customized pricing and subscription fees, or to discuss your individual data requirements. You can also request a free sample of our data by sending us an email at sales@IPQualityScore.com or by using the Contact Form on this page.