Phone Number Lookup API

Phone number lookup API enables software developers to validate and verify the accuracy of a phone number. Depending on the use case, this can be a great tool to help avoid fraud or spam while increasing the number of valid leads for your business. The API can also identify the different types of phones, which is especially important for SMS marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re collecting data¬†phone number lookup API from potential customers or tracking a user’s progress in your software, having up-to-date information is essential for building a more comprehensive profile of each consumer. This is why integrating a phone lookup API into your platform is a useful tool to have. This will allow you to search for their contact details without ever leaving your platform, which can save time and increase the chance of finding the right person to speak with.

The numverify API is a free service that provides phone validation and information lookup for 223 countries. You can request a number to be looked up, which is then cross-checked against the latest international numbers databases and returned in JSON format with valuable carrier, location, line type and other data. It’s a handy way to ensure your database is clean from the start and reduce the amount of time spent manually validating each entry.

Aside from the basic lookup (which is free of charge) you can also add on additional data packages for more specific information about each phone number. For example, you can request to see the owner name, business name, carrier, active status, associated people and relatives, spam & risk score, pick-up rate and more. The more information you have about a number, the more confident you can be when assessing fake accounts or detecting chargebacks.

With the ability to validate both mobile and landline phones, this API is ideal for a variety of businesses. Whether you’re running an online retail store, a membership portal or a call center, ensuring that each phone number is valid will prevent fraudulent activity and improve your customer experience.

You can even validate international phone numbers using this API, which will save you time and money. Having accurate and up-to-date phone number information can also help you make more informed decisions about how to reach your audience, so that your message reaches the people who need it most.

When you’re looking to build a more complete profile of each consumer, Tracers API makes it easy to search 545 million business phone numbers, 545 million US landline numbers and 50 billion cell phone numbers. This allows you to easily find the most up-to-date contact information and facilitates faster skip tracing and right-party contact. It’s a powerful tool to have in your arsenal for debt collection, loan monitoring and more.