Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

moving company

A moving company is a company that provides labor to move your inventory from one place to another. You can also refer to them as a van line or household goods carrier. There are many different types of moving companies. Some of the most common ones are listed below:

Review sources

There are various review sources for moving companies. Not all reviews have the same impact on a company and potential clients. Aside from the traditional review sites, you can also opt for other online platforms. For example, you can visit the Better Business Bureau’s website and Google’s Yelp page to read consumer reviews. Moving companies can optimize their reviews for these sites as well. However, make sure to write in a concise manner.


The cost of hiring a moving company should be carefully considered. The move can take longer than anticipated, and the moving company may charge you for the extra facilities you need. Other unexpected costs can also increase your costs. In such cases, it is best to consult with a professional moving company in advance. The following tips will help you make the right decision:

Liability insurance

Liability insurance is an essential part of operating a moving company. General liability insurance covers a wide range of possible risks that a moving company faces while performing its duties. Without coverage, a company could be liable for damages done to clients’ property, legal costs, and settlements. Without insurance, a moving company would have to pay for damages, repairs, and settlements, all of which can be costly. Fortunately, many states do not hold movers liable for the damage or loss of belongings. Typically, a moving company will pay between $450 and a thousand dollars for a $1 million liability policy.


Inspections of moving companies are important to avoid a disaster. While many projects are completed without major incident, this does not mean that all companies are trustworthy. Performing a visual inspection will help you to avoid the mistakes that most people make when hiring a moving company. Check if the moving company is properly insured. If not, you may have to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


In addition to hourly moving rates, moving companies charge by distance. Many charges are based on the number of workers, the weight of the shipment, and the season of the year. State-to-state moves are usually priced the same, while interstate moves are often based on the number of miles traveled and the type of shipment. For example, if you’re moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Salt Lake City, UT, the average move will cost you between $7,569 and $9,192. Moving companies usually recommend the same amount of equipment for a three-bedroom home.

Customer service

If you want to work in customer service for a moving company, you should think about how you’ll respond to customers. Moving customers want their questions answered quickly, and unanswered calls and inquiries are one of the most common reasons that customers cancel their move. Regardless of the situation, the best way to give them the support they need is to be a good listener. This skill plays into many aspects of customer service, and it builds emotional intelligence, which translates to compassion and empathy with customers.