The Importance of Having the Right Piercing Supply

If you are in the business of piercing people, you’ll need the right piercing supply. This article will discuss dermal punches, Septum forceps, and hemostat forceps. You will also learn about Hands free hand gel dispensers. These tools are essential for a successful piercing studio. And don’t forget the spill kits! You’ll want these supplies to be as sterile as possible.

Dermal punches

When you need to purchase dermal punches for piercing supplies, you need to make sure to buy those made of sterile materials. It is important to be sure that you are using jewelry that is sterilized, and you should only use them on licensed piercers. You should never attempt to use dermal punches yourself without undergoing proper training. While this type of piercing is popular with a certain demographic, there are risks of infection. Make sure that you use sterile jewelry and sterile equipment. You should also always use sterile supplies, and always pierce under the supervision of a licensed person.

Septum forceps

You should consider getting a set of wholesale tattoo supplies Septum forceps. Unlike other forceps, which are made of plastic, Septum forceps are stainless steel and measure six inches in length. The stainless steel tubes of True Septum Forceps can accommodate piercing needles up to ten grams and are shaped to not pinch the nose bridge. The piercing supply stores should also stock a large variety of septum forceps for different piercing applications.

Hemostat forceps

A hemostat forceps are one of the most important parts of your piercing supply kit. These forceps hold your jewelry in place while you pierce the body. There are different types of hemostat forceps, including curved and straight ones. Choose the type that fits your hand and your piercing style. These forceps are essential for holding a post-style earring securely.

Receiver tubes

If you’re new to body piercing, you need a supply of receiver tubes for needles. These are tubes that fit into the body piercing supplies and come in different sizes. A 3mm tube accepts a 14g needle, while a 5mm tube will accommodate a 6g needle. Depending on the size of your piercings, you’ll need different sized tubes.